Friday 25 March 2011

A St-Jean Picture pre 1916 - need help to identify

Here is a wonderful picture of a group of children sent to me by Anne-Marie St-Jean, granddaughter of François St-Jean and Alphonsine Dufresne . It may be a picture of the children of François St-Jean and Alphonsine Dufresne and then again it may only be a picture of some of their children. If anyone has information on this picture please contact me at Several of the children are known.

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Here is who I am guessing are the other children in the picture - this is only a guess - we need confirmation: Left to right: Rémi St-Jean, Louis Philippe Catudal, Adrien Adelard St-Jean, Clement St-Jean, Marie-Ange St-Jean, Aurore Catudal, Emile Catudal, Lorenzo St-Jean

Please note that I am guessing that it is a picture of all of the children born until that time to  François St-Jean (1873-1955) and Alphonsine Dufresne (1877-1944). The names as I have entered them are as they appeared on each child's baptism record.. Some of his children were baptized as Catudal, some as St-Jean and two as Catudal St-Jean.

Baptized under the name St-Jean were: Lorenzo, Rémi, Clement, Adrien Adelard and Marie-Angie
Baptized under the name Catudal were: Aurore, Louis Philippe and Emile

François St-Jean and Alphonsine Durfresne had four more children after the time of the above picture.

Roland was born under the name St-Jean
The twins Lucien, Lucienne were born under the name Catudal dit St-Jean 
Alma Beatrice Jeannette was born simply under the name Catudal

Most of François and Alphonsine's children who had been baptized with the Catudal name later took and used the St-Jean instead.


  1. I think this picture is great. It was cool to see my grandpa at about 3-4 yrs old (Clément-in the middle with his head down).

    I'm always confused, on how to name my great grand-father François St-Jean. To me he his a Catudal dit St-Jean and after returning from the US, he came back with the name Frank St-Jean. I've also seen documents where he signed as Francis St-Jean

  2. Usually I name the person as they appeared on their birth or baptism record or, as in the case of your great grandfather I show the names he used or were used for him but took the name he chose to call himself as his primary name. Most things that he did in life, meaning after he became a man, were done under the name François or Frank St-Jean so anyone searching for him would probably be searching him under that name. But, just in case, I have him listed in my book under all possible variations on the theme.