Wednesday 26 December 2018

Catudal Family History Research Update

In the two years since my last post I've added a little over 1,000 people to my database all of whom are Catudals or related to a Catudal, including those who now have the dit last name of St-Jean or St. John or Clough. (If the word "dit" is not familiar then please go to my blog for an explanation. It is essential when learning about Catudal family history that you know what dit names are all about). My database on Catudal family history now has about 8,500 names of which the majority are Catudals or related to a Catudal.

I don't think I'll write another book even with all the new information I've gathered but rather am toying with the idea of creating a Web page that is interactive for those who want to trace their particular Catudal heritage. The operative word in that sentence is "toying". It would be a daunting task and I'm not so sure the interest out there would warrant all the work. We'll see...

If you've landed on this blog and would like to know more about your Catudal heritage then please e-mail me at If you have the last name of St-Jean or St. John or Clough and don't know if you are related to the Catudal family then don't hesitate to ask. All I need to confirm whether you are related or not is your paternal grandparent's names.

If you have any photos or stories you'd be willing to share then I'd be more than happy to reciprocate.