Sunday 2 October 2011

UPDATE - The Families Catudal Book is Finished

UPDATE - Since posting the blog The Families Catudal Book is Finished I have added another 10 pages. This is the way with a genealogical study; it never really ends. I have now stopped, promise! adding anything new. Well, actually the new additions were a result of having come into contact with a St-Jean family who's current family history information had, to date, eluded me. I put a short but important halt on the book production in order to add all the new information to my book. Now I'm back on track.

Also, for those of you who do not have a PayPal account not to worry. I am going to setup my account so that I can receive payments via credit card. I will let you know how to go about making a credit card payment  when the book is ready.

Double Also, I have received the Proof and there are a number of format issues and many of the pictures need to be adjusted; many are printing a bit darker than what would be optimal. I will work on this in the next few days and hope that it won't mess up the timing too much. I still expect the book to go to press no later than the last week in November and be ready to ship at the latest the first week of December. I'm hoping that all of this can be done even quicker. Better to be careful and thorough I say.

The Families Catudal book is finished. I have sent the book to the printers and they are going to do a proof for me. I’ll then check the proof to make sure that the book looks the way I want it to making any necessary changes and then I will publish it.

The Families Catudal book is an in-depth study of as many Catudal family members as I could find in the public record, meaning in baptism, marriage, burial and census records; in books, newspaper accounts, oral histories, archival documents, headstones, and, well, just about every sort of place records or information can be found. This includes records from Canada, the USA and France and covers all time-frames where those records existed and I could find them.

My initial focus eight years ago when I started researching Catudal family history was on pre-1940s records but I soon expanded that focus to include everything I could find. I managed to document a little over 6,500 people, most of who are Catudals or who are related to a Catudal. The Canadian and USA Catudals covers a span of 10 generations, not including Jean-Baptiste Catudal dit St-Jean himself. The Catudals from France starts at the year 1589 and includes approximately 250 family members.

I discuss in-depth the name ‘Catudal’ and its place in history as well as give a detailed look at Jean-Baptiste Catudal dit St-Jean (Abt. 1705-1775), the first Catudal to come to New France (Canada).

I also discuss people who we are descendants of  but who themselves may not have been Catudals, such as Marie Marguerite Le Prevost (Abt. 155-1732) who was a 'King's daughter' (a fille du roi) and to whom all Catudals are related. Or "The Hero of New France” Guillaume Couture (1618-1701) to whom some Catudals are related. I discuss The Great Recruitment of 1653 and how, if it hadn’t happened, 1,217 of us would not be here today. There are many, many such stories.

There are more light hearted stories such as how someone tried to swindle a Catudal and paid the price, how a Catudal Member of Parliament’s wife left him to elope with another man, of musical and artistic Catudals, athletic Catudals and inspirational Catudals. There were and are many talented Catudals. There are or were many Catudals were it not for their sacrifices and achievements we would not be here today. I’ve tried my best to document as many of them as I could find.

There is a legend that talks of a line of Catudals in Canada and the States who come from Georges Cadoudal, who played a part in the French Revolution. In the chapter entitled Tidbits I look at and discuss this legend extensively. In the chapter entitled Famous/Infamous Relatives I also have Georges Cadoudal’s detailed family history. To my knowledge no one has documented his specific family history to this extent before.

The Families Catudal book will be a very large book. It will have an A4 layout, just like my first book for those of you who purchased a copy. It will have a red leather finish with gold embossing and will have 797 807 pages of which 200 have colour. That means that all colour pictures will be printed in colour. The pictures which had a patina but where not in colour, per se, will also be in colour so that you can see those pictures as they looked originally. The book will weigh about 8 pounds. To see what my last book The Extended Catudal Family History looked like please go to my blog This next book will be very similar in size if not colour. The Family Catudal is being printed and bound by the same company which bound my first book.

To give you a better idea of the layout of the book here are the chapter headings in my book:
Table of Contents
Table of Illustrations
List of Abbreviations and Terms
Names and Naming Conventions
The Name Catudal
Jean-Baptiste Catudal dit St-Jean (Abt. 1705-1775)
Famous/Infamous Relatives
The Delubac Catudals
Catudals from France
Catudals from Canada and the United States – First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Seventh Generation
Eighth Generation
Ninth Generation
Tenth Generation
Pictures of Unknowns – Possibly Catudals
How to Determine Relationships
Notes (At the end of the book I have added some blank pages so that you can use that space to add notes and hopefully update your family history information as things change.)

There are a little over 350 pictures and illustrations as well.

The publishing cost to me to produce each book will be $185.00 Canadian, a little less than my last book. I am not selling this book for profit. If you wish to purchase a copy I ask only that you pay me what the book cost me to produce and that you pay for the shipping – there will also be a small charge for the box the book will be shipped in. I will be shipping the book from Canada and not from Germany because that would just not be economically feasible. I am hoping to be able to have them ready to ship by middle to late November.

If you would like a copy then I ask that you let me know ASAP because I am only going to have a small run done, just enough to cover the orders. Please note that several Archives, some libraries, some universities and the LDS Library had indicated, at the time they purchased my last book, that if I write another book they wish to purchase it as well, so I will include those in this run. Otherwise, I don’t plan on printing any extra as then I would have to pay $185.00 out of pocket for each unsold book.

If you want to purchase a copy of The Families Catudal then please e-mail me at  to let me know. I need your complete mailing address as well. I will let you know when the book is ready to be shipped and then, and only then, I will ask you to pay the amount using Paypal. I am only going to accept payment through Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account yet then please open up one. It is a very safe way to pay for purchases and now-a-days it is often the only way to pay online for something. I have my Paypal account set-up so that they charge my credit card for purchases automatically. I used to have it set-up so that I had to put money on my Paypal account before I could purchase something but that was just too cumbersome.

To give you an idea of the cost of postage from Toronto to a few of the places I know some of you live in and around I have made a short list. When your book is ready I will let you know the current cost of mailing it at that time but here are some charges as of today:

Toronto to Alberta: $22.50
Toronto to New York: $25.00
Toronto to California: $31.50

The box to ship the book in will cost a few dollars; I’m not sure how much just yet.

There is a flat rate box from Canada Post but it is too small. I’m looking into other ways to ship which would be more economical. If any of you have any ideas please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Here are some pictures of several pages from my book randomly selected so that you can get an idea of the book’s content and layout. Please click on the pictures to enlarge - please note these are pictures converted from the pdf file and as such the quality is not as good. If you would like to see the pdf pages just let me know and give me your e-mail address and I'll send it to you:

Please let me know as soon as possible if you want to purchase a copy.