Saturday 25 June 2011

Statistics - Did you know?

Did you know that if you have a blog that you can see how many people have looked at your blog, what browser they used, which pages were viewed and from which country the person was when viewing your page - or at least which country IP address they used. It is rare but some people use an IP cloaking software to hide their country's location so it isn't a guarantee that the places listed are the places someone actually logged-in from but it probably is pretty close.

I thought you too might be interested to know some of this information.

For this past week, here are the places registered as having taken a look at one of my blog pages:

United States


Two weeks ago the most hits received were from the Ukraine??

But over all the most hits came from Canada and then the States. I have had hits from just about everywhere including the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, China, Russia, Romania and Brazil - just to name a few.

The most viewed blog page has been The Families Catudal Hits a Glitch followed by my military information pages.

There have been close to 2,500 hits in total, which I think is amazing. We're talking about a very specific topic, Catudal genealogy, after all.

I have met a very nice young man from France through this blog who is a Catudal and is interested in tracing his own Catudal roots, which I look forward to helping him accomplish. Who knows, maybe this will also help us in Canada and the States to broaden our limited knowledge of Catudal family members in France.

Please feel free to contact me, where ever you may be, if you have any questions regarding Catudal family history. I would be more than happy to help in any way that I can. I speak English and German and a bit of French (I have wonderful cousins who help me translate in and out of French when I hit a brick wall). So if you don't feel comfortable communicating with me in English then don't let that stop you if you speak German or French. My e-mail address is

Oh and, I will be on vacation from 15 July until the second week in August and won't have access to the Internet, so if I don't answer you during that time you'll know why.