Monday 7 March 2011

Do you know who these people are?

Here are some old photos I have come across. Do you know who they are?

I think this could be I have had confirmation from Jean Catudal, the grandson of  this couple, that this is indeed a picture of Joseph Georges Catudal (1900-1984) and Claire Ida Martineau (1907-1994).

This one is a complete mystery. It looks like it may have been taken in the roaring 20's...

The person on the most right is Albertine Catudal (1931-1991) and third from the right is my mother, Louise Catudal (1933-). The others are unknown.

The lady is my mother, Louise Catudal (1933-). The man is unknown.The man is Joseph Henri Roger Catudal (1927-). This was confirmed by Anne Marie St-Jean who is Roger's second cousin.

The young lady on the right is Lucie-Anne Catudal (1904-1974), I don't know who the other two are.

I'll post more once I get a chance to scan them...

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