Tuesday 12 October 2010

A couple of pictures from The Extended Catudal Family History have been Identified, sort of

The first photo identification - the one that is not 100% is in regards to the photo at the bottom of page 541 from The Extended Catudal Family History which is a tin reproduction and is almost certainly of Barthelemy Catudal (1864-1937). I say almost because I have others of him and have compared them and to me it can be no other. Saying this, I do not conclusive evidence. But here are two pictures side by side. On the left is the tin photo from the book, the one to the right is another picture which I know positively to be Barthelemy.

The next picture is from the book on page 542. It is a picture of Delphis St-Germain, the husband of Agn├Ęs Catudal dite St-Jean (1869-1926). It was taken two years before his death; Delphis died in 1948. Here is that picture...

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